easy way to update your sony ericsson phone

most of sony ericsson phone has an inbuilt software and these softwares gets updated with lot of fixes for bugs, but when the new version of software is released, how do you update the software? In this post I will be guide you step by step to update the firmware or Software of your sony ericsson phone. note: before updating reset your phone to factory setting..and make backup if you have any importing data like contacts, messeges, photos etc

1- make sure you have install java software in your pc, you can download latest version of java softwares from

2- sony ericsson pc suite software which is come with your phone..or you can download latest version from sony ericsson website

3-seus updater software, download here,

4-after you setups softwares , open seus in begining it will be check for updates,in the next step you will be prompt for language on start to begin updates your phone

in the next step you will be asked for connection type select proper conection

next steps in the terms in condition read carefully and accept, after that main update screen will be show
in next step swith off your phone and remove sim card then replace battery,then press C button on your phone and conect usb cable to phone

when you get the above screen then release c button, it will be search latest software for your phone and phone will be shortly starting updating your phone.during the update dont tech your phone, finally when the update complete you will be get this screen , see below

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