how to increase battery life of mobile phone

i saw many people asking about how to improve and maximize backup of phone battery

there are many reason which drain your phone battery fast,following are some simple steps you can increase battery backup of your mobile phone upto 30 percent

1- use default theme and wallpaper of phone

2- use default ringtone of phone

3- charge battery when its fully empty and low battery warning show (atleast once a week)

4- put brightness low as you can

5- turn off cell info display

6- some time you close an application or game but its not close actually its only minimize specially in some symbian operating system phones and its eat not only your battery power but also your phone ram you can check and close them via your phone task manager or any other task manager (not all phones support task manager)

its not matter which type of cell phone you have even its nokia iphone sonyericsson else you will be see improvements.

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