Dual SIM Card for iPhone and SmartPhones

As the part of  iPhone and Smartphone accessories, dual SIM or Dual SIM Card is a card that fits into super thin phones emplacement allowing the SIM CARD to insert two chips.

To do so, we must add, then go slowly while maintaining and clamped between fingers dual SIM without forcing. Once inserted, close the valve and then start your phone, go to phone settings to find the menu of the Dual SIM will manage the changeover from one card to another.
In general, Apple iPhone and iPad and SmartPhone have no Dual SIM, therefore it must go through other manufacturers of smart cards and choose the Dual SIM Card is compatible with your mobile. One can find the Dual SIM Platinum, Gold 1 and 2, Silver 1 and 2, and Black 1 and 2.
The insertion of the Dual SIM card can be made ??by yourself, otherwise you can go to the operators or resellers of mobile phones for you.

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