how to convert iphone to ipad

It is possible to convert an Iphone to iPad. To do so it must go by through several stages of installing several programs to change the GUI for example the size of icons or to allow certain apps to run on Ipad Iphone transforms.
To begin transformation must install several programs:
- Winterboard (via Cydia)
- The theme "Simple Theme iPad (via Cydia)
- Shrink (via Cydia) to reduce the size of icons
- ProSwitcher (via Cydia) for applications that is multi-tasking
- Classics (via AppStore) to enable management to allow Kindle e-book then reading your ebook on the phone.
This does not mean that after the operation, your iPhone has become what iPad tablet, but it works as an iPad, with displaying iPad.
It should also be noted that all these changes must be done simultaneously on a computer, that is to say from your iPhone and your computer

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